Jar to exe. Tools overview.

Well, you can run java application as: java -jar app.jar in console.
But I’m sure, you agree, that it’s not easy-to-use for users.
So, we can make exe from jar and run it as usual application. I found following tools for this:

This tool costs $75 and has 30-day trial version.
Application converted fine, but when I run the application, there appears message box with thanking for using JEXECreator and suggesting to buy a full version.

Free version works only for console application, Standard Edition costs $14.95. Free trial period is 30 days.
Simple wizard, without many settings. Generated application doesn’t work, a dll is missing, but I didn’t search for it.

Open Source, BSD license. Crossplatform.
It has many settings for all needs. Minimal settings for working application are: exe/jar paths, minimal JRE version, type: console/GUI.
You can make launch4j config and generate exe automatically using ant or maven.

My choice is launche4j! It’s Open Source and allows to automate converting process.

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