How to parse mime message using mime4j library

There is example how to use mime4j lib. See comments below.

  • free trial

    After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  • lee

    hi, could you provide a sample of “message.eml” which is multipart?

  • Denis Lunev

    It’s simple, any html message or message with attachment is multipart.

  • Bhalchandra

    Hi ,
    I got the example of Mime4j written by you.
    I have another query regarding the same, if possible please answer
    From the documentation of Mime4j , I found that it is just a MIME parser.
    It does not have capabilities of sending and receiving mails to/from mail servers.
    So it can’t be replaced with JavaMail , is it right ?
    Is there any Java based library with which I can replace JavaMail completely?
    Hoping you co-operation

    With Regards

  • Denis Lunev

    Hi Bhalchandra,
    mime4j is a part of Apache James server. It also has some libraries to working with email.
    Look at this

    P.S. I use custom implementation based on sockets.